Friday, 30 September 2011

Taking up Dave's Blog Challenge

Much more fun than doing what I'm supposed to be doing!

I'm taking up Dave's blog challenge and telling you five things about me.  Three are true and two aren't true.

Can you guess which is which?


  1. I'm going against the grain & say that the first two are LIES! They're just too 'normal'! Have you seen mine?

  2. Hi Chiew
    Aahaa, what a cunning plan that would be - a double bluff. I'm off to see yours right now ...

  3. Hi Fiona!

    There's something wrong with the first 2, because on #1 you say your first teaching post was in Iran, but on #2 you say you've taught in 3 different countries - and Iran is not one of them! So I'm going to say #1 is the lie.

    And I think you sound like a person who would have a motorbike and go on a parachute jump. And I don't think you'd say 2 lies about teaching. So my guess is you don't sing in a band - maybe you'd like to???


  4. I'm with Cecilia on the doubts over the first two. You've definitely mentioned that you worked in Turkey before during one of our MA modules but never Iran so I'm going to say that No. 1 is a lie.

    As for the others, I need more details! When did you do this parachute jump anmd where? Was it the only time?

    What make of motorbike do/did you have?

    What kind of band do you sing in? Rock? Blues? Something else?

  5. Hi Cecilia & Dave
    No.2 Have to admit to incompetence rather than a lie there - well spotted!
    What I should have said is:
    I've taught in three other countries abroad ...
    No.3 It was in Bristol in 1990 after the fall of Ceausescu.
    No.4 a Honda 50
    No.5 Punk

  6. Hi Fiona

    I love the Voki reply! A great tool to use :-)

    Untruths: I think you haven't taught in Iran or been in a band.

    Truths: I think you have had a motorbike, taught in the 3 countries you mentioned, and you have done a parachute jump (very brave!!)

  7. Hi Janet
    First of all I must say thanks because I love using Jing but have been sharing recordings by using links. Having seen your embedded Jing on your blog I googled 'How to ...' and am now looking forward to applying new knowledge! ... and I could have embedded my Voki.

    OK. Untruths: 1 out of 2 Correct!
    Truths: 2 out of 3 Correct!

    Thanks again.

  8. Hi Fiona

    It's a 50 - 50 guess here! I still think you haven't taught in Iran. So the amended untruth is that you haven't got / didn't have a motorbike! Am I getting any closer, I wonder?

  9. Hi Fiona

    Just to let you know that I am still mastering the art of Jing, but all was made more clear by following Russell Stannard's video tutorial here:

    Hope this helps!!

  10. Oooh, very very close but not quite ...

    Many thanks for link - have watched it but clearly not as far as embedding. Ready for advanced Jing now!

  11. Hi Fiona

    Good luck with advanced Jing! I haven't had much luck with guessing your lies but 3rd time lucky, I think you haven't done a parachute jump and you haven't taught in Iran???

    You are the only one who has spotted my two untruths!! Well done! I'll be posting up the answers (hopefully via a Voki, maybe) some time tonight.

    Look forward to hearing which three facts are correct for you. Please let me know when you post up the answers! Thanks. It's been great fun!

  12. Hi Janet
    Oh dear, sorry but no!
    Will post answers asap and let you know.

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  14. Hi Fiona

    Look forward to your answers!! 3rd time lucky, so here goes!! Three truths - you have taught in Iran, you have done a parachute jump and played in a band.

    btw, you guessed the lies correctly on my post! Well done!!

    PS Sorry I made a mistake in my comment, so deleted it and re-pasted it.

  15. I think the lie is that you have taught in three different countries - I'm guessing that it's at least four (definitely Iran is in the list). I also think that you don't sing in a band. How did I do?

    Feel free to have a go at mine here

  16. Hi Miss Gloria
    Thanks for commenting and having a guess. You got one right!
    I'm posting the answer now in new blog post: The Truth
    Will have a go at yours too - thanks for link.